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interior architecture + product design

asphaltgold / AGC Shopdesign
Darmstadt, 2016

For the concept of the second asphaltgold sneaker store, a former banking facility was gutted and converted to meet the new operator’s aesthetic and functional requirements. Like the first asphaltgold store on Friedensplatz in Darmstadt, the new AGC location offers a great variety of sneakers and a new range of selected clothing. The design concept is based upon a special use of different levelling throughout the store: three levels are drawn across the room in order to match the shop’s floor with the levelling of the preexisting shop window. As a result, the store itself is turned into the shop window: thus, pedestrians and customers can experience a completely new shopping perspective. The furniture was conceived to fit the different levels, creating varying heights for product presentation. The contrast between the sweeping levels and the delicate furniture is reflected in the materials, as well: the industrial-grade parquet floor provides a frame for the dark, powder-coated steel furniture. In addition, the store design includes special brass gaps, sunken, glass-plated showcases and flexible presentation systems in the shop-windows.