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Chez Bar design
Darmstadt, 2014

“Chez” is a small bar in the center of Darmstadt that quickly became a melting pot for the local scene. Conceiving the bar’s design was challenging due to its very limited space of 23 square meters, and, as a result, the design had to integrate storage space into the bar. Thus, heavy-duty shelves were chosen to double as storage, matching the grey ceiling and the raw walls and giving the bar its distinct industrial character. Upon entering, patrons immediately recognize that the dark grey counter forms the center of the bar.The huge center piece was constructed from Aleppo pine. Despite being coated in dark paint, patrons can still make out the texture of the wood. The only warm and organic spot in the bar is the top of the counter: it was made from oak tree and, alongside the Gaggia coffee machine, forms the eye-catcher in the room. The light source was chosen in proper style with the cement walls: held by concrete sockets, simple light bulbs serve as light source above the counter. Clip-on lamps provide additional light from the shelves.