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interior architecture + product design

Collins restaurant design
Darmstadt, 2016

Tucked away in Martinsviertel, one of Darmstadt’s most beloved neighborhoods, a new restaurant opened its doors: Collins. The pre-existing space within a Gründerzeit building was re-imagined and divided into two areas: a bar and a dining room, separated only by a large window frame with a door to pass through. Emerging from the entrance a long, colored wall connects bar and dining room. The color concept flows through the whole layout of bar and restaurant and echoes itself at Collin’s heart, the counter. Forming an eye-catcher, colors and materials are combined in one beautiful piece. The building’s charm is supported and emphasized by industrial elements. The furniture was specifically designed to maximize the space available; as a result, the furniture is unique to Collins. In order to achieve a coherent look, the chairs, tables and shelves behind the bar were crafted from the same materials. Additionally, the chairs’ old school appearance matches the color scheme of the whole venue.