why the friday

interior architecture + product design

why the friday? why not?

The following text was created specifically for search engine optimization purposes. That said, feel free to read it to the end because we really tried our best.

With great sound, delicious coffee and an enthusiasm for “Hessisch” puns, we’re doing our thing…which is being a studio for design.

Being and thinking differently is paramount both to us and our diverse clients from sectors like retail, gastronomy and other businesses. We feel that there are too many loveless shops, restaurants and bars not only in our city, but also in all of Germany. Firmly believing in our minimalistic and concise language of design, we realize entire projects from scratch to finish - with full physical involvement, if necessary. But don’t you worry: we’re perfectly capable of drawing standard plans as well. From designing to planning to construction management, you can count on us every step of the way. And you can rely on our attention to small details and crisis management.

If you listen to the gossip, you’ll learn that we’re only working on projects we like, anyway. Between scheming elaborate marketing strategies like word of mouth and managing social media projects like Facebook and Instagram, we actually do work on designing our client’s locations. As a result, we’re really good at planning and designing locations up to 100 square meters. Which is not to say that we won’t take on bigger locations - on our screens, they’re all the same size of 5210x2880 pixels, anyways. Aside from pixels and plans we stand firmly behind our concept of combining interior architecture with product design and consider buildings and rooms as inseparable.

Staying focused on creating awesome design – that’s what it´s all about!

Why the friday? We’re happy to explain it to you during our first meeting!